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Hitting a Major league fastball is quite possibly the single most difficult skill to execute in all of sports. In fact it is so difficult, that succeeding just 3 out of 10 times is considered to be excellent.

To put things into perspective, a blink of an eye takes 400 milliseconds. A 95 MPH fastball reaches home plate in 395 milliseconds. The batter must start his swing with the ball still 25 ft. from the plate or it will be too late. In the last 15 ft., the brain and eye cannot work together fast enough, making the ball invisible to the hitter. The moment of contact when a bat strikes a ball lasts just 1/1,000th of a second. The diameter of the baseball and the bat are both a little less than 3 inches.


New advances in bat design and composition have enhanced the “sweet spot” of a bat. Even a hitter with serious flaws in his or her mechanics can be fairly successful with some of these bats. Unfortunately, this success only reinforces poor mechanics and through repetition burns it in to muscle memory making it more difficult to correct later. As the player advances to higher levels of the game, faster and more effective pitching will expose flawed swing mechanics and the player will most likely have a more difficult time making solid contact. The foundation of a successful hitter at any age or level is built on developing proper swing mechanics.


Today’s technology now provides us with the tools to analyze, measure, and diagnose a hitter’s swing mechanics. This information can be used to put together a personalized training plan that targets and helps correct a hitters mechanical issues.

With 20 years as a professional coach (Astros, Brewers, Blue Jays, Cubs, Expos, and Marlins), I have spent thousands of hours reviewing the swings of Minor and Major League players to help them develop and refine their mechanics. Regardless of their hitting style, I have discovered through slow motion video analysis that all successful hitters follow what I call “the 6 Absolutes”.

My hitting DVD’s will teach you “the 6 Absolutes” and provide you with the most comprehensive collection of hitting drills that I use with Major league hitters. We also provide personalized hitting analysis services. Just go to our Video analysis page to up load your video.

Additionally I have partnered with ZEPP Labs baseball to help you measure the most important aspects of your swing with their 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer application and sensor. ~ John Mallee