6 Absolutes

Six absolutes1


The basic idea of hitting mechanics is to keep all actions simple. Hitting is a cause and effect movement, and each part should benefit the next. The 6 Absolutes are not designed to teach each hitter to have a certain style (Lau, Hriniak, Williams). It is designed to take into account that all hitters have different physical and mental make-ups, to be themselves developing their own style and approach.

Whether you’re a little leaguer or a big leaguer, certain swing similarities and absolutes take place throughout the swing. These similarities and absolutes must occur during each phase of the swing to have a consistent hitting approach.

When evaluating a player’s swing, use the following 6 absolutes (things that have to happen) and teach off of them. ~ John Mallee


The 6 Absolutes of a professional hitter:

1. Go back before you go forward (lower half load)

2. Walk away from the hands (stride-separate)

3. Keep head in-between feet (maintain dynamic balance, center, axis)

4. Start swing with lower half, ground up (foot, knee, hips, hands last)

5. Take a straight line to and through the ball ( stay inside)

6. Maintain balance throughout the swing


More detailed information can be found in John Mallee’s Instructional DVD “Teaching the Professional Swing”.