Bo Porter on Hitting coach John Mallee

Excerpts from an interview Friday with Houston manager Bo Porter.

Porter on new coach Dave Trembley: His baseball career and résumé pretty much speaks for itself. You can Google him and look at his résumé and it’ll tell you what he’s done and what he’s done in this game. But more importantly, I’ve worked with him. I was one of his players. I watched him teach. He actually played a major role in my development, so I know he knows how to teach. Which, when you look at our situation, having a guy of his background, his ability, it’s going to bode well for our organization. He’s a former manager in the major leagues, in the American League. He’s been in baseball for 26 some-odd years. He’s a very articulate person, he’s a very detail-oriented person – a lot of the things that I look at as basically key components of getting where it is we’re trying to go at an accelerated pace.

Hitting coach John Mallee: I have history with Mallee as well. When you talk to hitters – I was in Florida when he was there – when you talk to guys like Chris Coghlan, who won the rookie of the year; Gaby Sanchez, who went on to be an All-Star; from Dan Uggla to Cody Ross to Jeremy Hermida to Josh Willingham — all of those guys absolutely rave about this guy.

Adding final two coaches: We’re at the back end of the process, but we felt the need to go ahead and announce these four guys because we’d basically come to the conclusion that they will be a part of the staff. The last two pieces, we’re going through that process, and hopefully we have something banged out and we get to make an announcement by next week or so.